[sylpheed:34711] [3.2beta2] PATCH: Missing line in "de.po"

Bug Reporter my.somewhat.lengthy.loginname at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 08:23:21 JST 2011

In the German language file "de.po", the dialogue "Help" => "Command
line options" has one line of text more in its left column than in its
right column. This patch (below and attached) adds the missing line.

BTW, I reported this bug twice before: first against Sylpheed 3.1.1
(in an email to the developer), and later against 3.2beta1 (in a
ticket on Sourceforge Japan). Both times I also sent patches, but
nothing happened. Is there a preferred way to report bugs and submit

--- sylpheed-3.2.0beta2/po/de.po
+++ sylpheed-3.2.0beta2-new/po/de.po
@@ -4102,6 +4102,7 @@
 "alle wartenden Nachrichten senden\n"
 "die Anzahl aller Nachrichten anzeigen\n"
 "den Status jedes Ordners anzeigen\n"
+"die Nachricht in neuem Fenster öffnen\n"
 "das Verzeichnis mit den Konfigurationsdateien angeben\n"
 "Sylpheed beenden\n"
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