[sylpheed:34707] was Fw: Bug#585483: sylpheed: folder tree draws icons in an incorrect way

speps speps at gmx.com
Tue Aug 9 19:42:28 JST 2011

Hi, I need to reopen this one year old bug, cause it was never solved.

I'm affected by the same noisy issue reported by Ricardo Mones [1],
the gtktreeview rows are wrongly height fixed, so

#if GTK_CHECK_VERSION(2, 12, 0)
      g_object_set(treeview, "fixed-height-mode", TRUE, NULL);

cause a weird behaviour.

The "fixed-height-mode" property speeds up the treeview drawing by applying
the same height calculated in the first row to the others.
This way, all rows elements needs to be the same in height, to let this
work properly.

What happens here, depends on the different folder-*.{h,png} height compared
to the other stock icons.
While all icons are 16 in height, folders are 12.
Since the first row always contains a folder icon, "fixed-height-mode"
forces every row height to the first one, even if the first row is shorter
than 16 pixels, causing cuttings in the other rows.

So, if text size in pixels is higher or equal than 16 pixels, you'll not
notice any glitches, otherwise every non folder row will be cut in height.

This is my case, since I use very little font, and it also cause slowness.

The first solution is to completely remove those 3 lines, in the way
"fixed-height-mode" is not used any more, since it seems this was
introduced to resolve a bug, referred as the "random scrolling problem".

What's this all about? I tried removing the lines, and I do not issue any bug.

Otherwise, another solution is to resize any 12 pixels size in height icon
to a minimum of 16.

Group icon should be safe, btw standardize to 16 could be safer for the
Attached is a patch for the headers {folder-*,group}.h, generated with
gdk-pixbuf-csource -rle, and a tar ball with the related modified png
(centered in height).

[1] http://www.sraoss.jp/pipermail/sylpheed/2010-June/004010.html

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