[sylpheed:34702] manipulating email outside of sylpheed

[dbes] sylpheed mailing list sylpheed-ml.00031.dbes.secure at digitalrelief.com
Fri Aug 5 03:27:07 JST 2011

i'd like to have my inbox automatically managed such that just
prior to the first download of email each month i move all the
email in the inbox into another directory named YYYY-MM (eg.
2011-08 just before the email for september 2011 is downloaded).

i know how to accomplish this via scripting.

what i'd like some insight into is what if any deleterious
repercussions would result if:

 - i scripted this action to occur while sylpheed was running
 - i scripted this action to occur while sylpheed was *not* running

the main problem i can imagine is that i might lose the
information in the .sylpheed_mark file.

i also imagine that sylpheed might not like it if email files
were moved while it was running, but this may not be true
(assuming the email files being moved were not open), and since i
haven't tested it i figured i'd ask.

if email files were moved when sylpheed was not running, and if
all the email was moved without changing the email numbers
(filenames), shouldn't i be able to also move the .sylpheed_mark
file to a new directory, thereby preserving the various per
message flags that were set?  and would i want to delete or move
the .sylpheed_cache file--maybe the references in the cache file
are path dependent?


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