[sylpheed:34271] Re: Dynamic signatures

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 23:09:04 JST 2010

Per Danielsson:

> It  works  because it evaluates to the same string
> as the string without the backslashses.  Backslash
> is a quote character that specifies that the char-
> acter following the backslash should not be inter-
> preted as a special character (e.g. " or \). Since
> letters (in your case p and s) do not need quoting
> nothing will be done (except removing the \).

With  Sylpheed  it  is not so. As I said, unix-style
slashes alone don't work. On the 5th of  July,  2010
Thomas Faber wrote to me:

> Had this before. Use forward slashes or escape the
> backslashes.

And his advice is the only way that has  worked  for
me.  With  the backslashed path I'm getting the fol-
lowing warning (in Tools->Log Window):

  Can't execute command: D:/pascal/sig/sigpas.exe

> The attachments did not make it here.

I'll send them to anybody's  direct  e-mail  address
upon their permission.


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