[sylpheed:34258] Obscure address book bug

Roger Pryor rjpryor at unix.infoserve.net
Wed Oct 20 03:44:37 JST 2010


I've recently retired, and was cleaning out my Sylpheed address book.  One
individual had three addresses, and I marked two for deletion, but all
three were silently deleted.  The one that I wanted to be retained was not
the prime address.

Rather than attempting to "fix" this rather obscure bug, may I
suggest that a warning message be issued indicating that if the prime
address is removed, that all others will be removed, proceed y/n?, and
directing the user to the edit entry screen, which allows one to get
around this problem. (Which I did after recovering the address book file
from a recent backup. <smug grin!>)


Roger Pryor    Email: rjpryor at infoserve.net
Navy Gardens, Christ Church, Barbados, W.I.

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