[sylpheed:34248] Re: Dynamic signatures

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 20:44:24 JST 2010

Hello all

I  still can't make the signature generation work on
Windows. I have a trivial program that does  nothing
but  print a line with my name. In Sylpheed's signa-
ture settings I have set the path to the program  as


When  composing  a  new  messgae (Ctrl-M), a console
window glimpses on the screen, so I know my  program
is  executed,  but  the focus does not automatically
switch to the composing window, as  it  did  without
signature  generation.  So  I  manualy switch to the
newly created just to see that it is empty.

It looks like Sylpheed cannot capture the output  of
a  console  program  on Windows. Could anyone please
check this and, if I am not right, send me a working
program  together  with  the necessary Sylpheed set-

Thanks in advance,

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