[sylpheed:34240] Re: Sylpheed 3.0.3 and Gpg4win 2.0.4 problem

Petr Kovar pknbe at volny.cz
Wed Oct 6 04:30:57 JST 2010


Thomas Faber <thfabba at gmx.de>, Tue, 5 Oct 2010 12:53:58 +0200:


> I haven't exactly understood how the supplied GPG Windows binaries are
> supposed to work, either. I do, however, have a working fix:
> Replace libgpg-error-0.dll and libgpgme-11.dll in the Sylpheed folder with
> the GnuPG ones - and it miraculously works.

Just to clarify it a little, do you mean libgpg-error-0.dll and
libgpgme-11.dll from the recent Gpg4win bundle? I couldn't find these
libraries for download on the GnuPG official site. Neither, it seems, to be
distributed with their cli package for Windows. Strange...

Petr Kovar

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