[sylpheed:34281] Ampersands in HTML mailings

Roland Ramthun mail at roland-ramthun.de
Mon Nov 1 01:27:25 JST 2010

Hello Sylpheed users and developers,

I noted a problem with Sylpheed's HTML->Text converter and our university mailing system.

The mailings unfortunately are HTML only and so Sylpheed converts them to text to display them.
This process breaks all links, because in HTML ampersands are encoded with & and Sylpheed doesn't reverse this process.

An example:
<a href="http://example.org/index.php?id=12274&amp;event=2948">Linktext</a>
as in the original HTML mailing, should be converted to plain text
<a href="http://example.org/index.php?id=12274&event=2948">Linktext</a>
but it isn't.

Sylpheed already converts HTML entities like &quot; to their plain text correspondent in normal text, but doesn't touch the <a href>s at the moment.

Do you consider this to be a bug and is there a chance to get this fixed?

Kind regards,

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