[sylpheed:33963] Re: Sylpheed and GPG password prompt

Ingo Strauch brack at the-one-brack.org
Wed May 12 02:42:39 JST 2010

Hi Matthias!

On Tue, 11 May 2010 18:12:08 +0200
Matthias Pannek <matthias at pannek.de> wrote:

> i just migrated from Windows to Linux and now i have a problem with the
> password prompt/dialog from gpg.
> After opening a gpg-encrypted message, there is no prompt for a
> password. 
> I need to open Sylpheed on a console and then i see a ncurses prompt
> for the password, but nothing inside X (wm: kde) :(

I think all you need is to install a graphical version for the pin
entry program.

On my suse box the corresponding package is named "pinentry-gtk2"

$ ls-1 /usr/bin/pinentry*

You probably only have the first two installed.

Hope that helps,

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