[sylpheed:33928] Two functions that does not work as expected

Raphael Frey freyraphael at lavabit.com
Thu May 6 18:33:07 JST 2010

Hello everyone,

first of all thanks a lot for this great lightweight mail programme! I
recently changed from Evolution because I was looking for a smaller and
faster programme. I am using Sylpheed for a few weeks now and in general
it has always worked flawlessly. However I encountered that two
functions do not work as I would expect that they should work:

– Sylpheed does not go offline when the Internet gets disconnected.
  This is a problem because when the computer gets offline during
  looking for new mails on an IMAP account, Sylpheed freezes that means
  does not react any more. With POP accounts this is a bit less
  problematic because after about a minute it aborts displaying an
  error message (“connection failed” or the like). This “freezing
  problem” is a bit annoying if you want to use Sylpheed on a laptop
  that is connected to the Internet by wireless and you have configured
  the programme to look for new mails every quarter of an hour for
  example. If the Internet now gets disconnected e.g. because you go to
  a room where there is no wireless any more, Sylpheed will not react
  after trying to check the mails, so that you have to kill the process.
– The second function that does not work as I would expect is Sylpheeds
  tray icon function: You can configure Sylpheed that the minimizing
  function of your window manager does not minimize Sylpheed to the list
  with the running programmes in the task bar but to the notification
  area (also known as system tray). However it is not possible to
  configure Sylpheed that minimizing the programme works as usual (that
  means minimization to the window list in the task bar) and that
  clicking on the icon in the notification area will hide the window
  (kind of minimization to the icon in the notification area). This were
  the way many other programmes with tray icons behave (like for example
  Liferea, Geany and Transmission).

While the first item seems to be a bug, I am not sure if the tray icon
function is intended to work like this; in my opinion the function does
not work “normal” but perhaps that is just a matter of opinion. Anyway
it would be delighted if the “freezing problem” could be fixed.

Best regards


PS: Let me know if I could help with translations (English to German).
There are some sections in the latest stable version that are not yet
translated to German.

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