[sylpheed:34033] some strange lag on POP3 fetch after Sylpheed is opened from some time (Win32)

Cristian Secară orice at secarica.ro
Mon Jun 7 20:02:57 JST 2010

Since the latest version (cannot say if the very latest or not) I
noticed a somewhat annoying behaviour when fetching mail (all
accounts, which means 4 accounts).

If I just open Sylpheed and Get all, everything goes quick, the dialog
opens (it is set to open a separate progress window), 1, 2, 3, 4, ok.

If I let Sylpheed open for some time (~10 minutes or more), when I
press the toolbar button nothing happens right away. The tree pane goes
gray (thus disabling any operation there) and I have to wait. After
15-20-25 seconds or something, the dialog comes up and then one after
the other the accounts are fetched normally.
The best practice to get rid of this is to kill the process, Sylpheed
disappear after 3 seconds, then I open it again and it simply works
right away. So it takes about 3 seconds (well, 4 or 5, counting
that I press Ctrl+Alt+Del and search the process to be murdered)
instead of 20 or so.

This happened on XP, now I installed on Vista 32bit (fresh install) and
it is the same.

It seems to me that it only occur in this scenario (but have to pay
more attention to confirm): I open Sylpheed, do whatever, then minimize
to tray; to bring back Sylpheed I usually click on the desktop icon
(not on tray icon), Sylpheed comes up, when happens the lag.
I almost always fetch all accounts, not only the default one.
No matter if I am on wireless or wired.

Some clue on this ?


Cristian Secară

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