[sylpheed:34123] Re: Dynamic signatures

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 18:00:03 JST 2010

Thomas Faber:

Thank you for your reply

> Had this before. Use forward slashes or escape the
> backslashes.

Oooph. Thanks. I suppose this should be mentioned in
the FAQ and in the platform-specific readme. And  it
would  be  even better if the path could be pre-pro-
cessed accordingly before  passing  it  to  whatever
executes the command.

> Compiling  with  -mwindows (or /subsystem:windows)
> and using printf on stdout should work to  prevent
> a console window from flashing.

Is this some compiler-specific key?

As  I  know, the console window can be hidden by the
caller  if  it  passes  the  SW_HIDE  flag  to   the
shellexec function.

And  now  a new problem has arised: my program, when
run from inside Sylpheed, does not see the  environ-
ment variables (getenv returns null), while it works
OK if run directly.

Is a Sylpheed problem?


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