[sylpheed:34113] Re: Dynamic signatures

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 03:36:07 JST 2010

Alexandre Erwin Ittner:

> Have  you  tried putting the complete path to your
> program in the  text-box?   Directories  added  to
> PATH in .bashrc may not be visible to Sylpheed.

Thank  you  for  the  reply,  Alexandre.  I am using
Sylpheed on Windows XP (sorry for  not  having  men-
tioned  this),  and  have  tried specifying the full
path. What's really bad is that Sylpheed  _silently_
fails to start my program. It'd be much better if it
issued an error message like "Couldn't start  signa-
ture  generation program for this and this reason.".


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