[sylpheed:33735] Spell checker integrated and/or ldap support, again

Ernesto Cormetti ernestocormetti at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 27 23:38:19 JST 2010


I'm new to the list, so be patient, please.

AFAIK, this question has been already asked, but without a sure reply.

I'm currently using Sylpheed 3.0 on Windows Vista and I may deploy it on several laptops and low-end desktop PCs, but I have to know if there are plans to add both spell checker and LDAP support for the windows binaries in the near future.

Though I like this client, I cannot suggest its professional use to my boss without a very basic feature like spell checking. LDAP would be fine, too.

On my personal PC, I can use a script that calls the DOS version of Aspell and checks the clipboard content, but that's a workaround I don't dare suggesting to the "average user" category that includes my boss too. :'(

If there is no plan about these additions for the Windows platform, I'll have to look for another email client.

Any reply would be really appreciated.




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