[sylpheed:33686] Sylpheed 3.0 released

Hiroyuki Yamamoto hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp
Wed Feb 24 15:22:37 JST 2010


The new stable version Sylpheed 3.0 (3.0-win32) has been released.

It is the major update release since the release of 2.0, five years
ago. Sylpheed 3.0 introduces multi-threading, plug-in system, refined
address book, new setup dialog, performance improvements, and more.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the improvements of Sylpheed.

Changes from 2.7.1

    * New features

          o Multi-threading was introduced. Connection to servers,
            IMAP4 protocol communication, query search and external
            commands execution will run on another thread. This will
            reduce the situation where user actions are blocked.
          o The feature to add new recipients to address book
            automatically on sending was added.
          o The new filter match type 'is in addressbook' was added.
            This can be used from filtering, query search and quick
          o Address book is now sortable by each column.
          o Address book search feature was added.
          o The setup dialog on the first run became user-friendly.
          o The new account setup dialog was implemented. It also
            supports easy Gmail setup.
          o SHA1/MD5 fingerprint and validity period of certificate is
            now displayed when the verification of server SSL
            certificate failed.
          o The menu item to request disposition notification was added
            to the compose window.
          o The feature to customize the color label text was added.
          o The option to set only mail address of recipients when
            replying was added.

    * Feature improvements

          o Summary caches are updated on the fly (on
            receive/move/copy/delete). This improves the performance of
            opening folders with many new messages.
          o The user interface of address book was rewritten using the
            new API (GtkTreeView). This will reduce the glitches in the
            older versions.
          o Several new APIs were added to the plug-in library.
          o Progress is displayed while scanning folders.
          o The visibility of message number columns in the folder view
            is now configurable for each column.
          o 'Last 7 days' was added to the quick search options.
          o The number of matched messages is displayed at the side of
            quick search now.
          o Description is displayed on the quick search entry when it
            does not have focus.
          o Always show warning dialog when SSL certificate is expired.
          o When messages are added to IMAP folders, received-date
            information is also set using Date header (mainly for
          o Color labels are saved on IMAP server now (partially
            compatible with Thunderbird.)
          o The auto-wrapping setting is preserved for draft messages
          o The spell-checking and PGP settings are preserved for draft
            messages now.
          o The 'Enable address auto-completion' setting was added.
          o Update check (curl command) timeout was set to 10 seconds.

    * Bugfixes

          o The update check dialog will not be displayed if modal
            dialog exists or receiving of mail is active to prevent
            dialogs becoming uncontrollable.
          o The button order of the folder selection dialog was
          o Win32: the button order of close confirmation dialog of
            compose window was modified.
          o A workaround for crash caused by enchant with zemberek was
            added (requires dbus-glib-1 if enchant is equal or greater
            than 1.4.2).
          o The bug that IMAP caches with UIDs larger than INT_MAX were
            never deleted was fixed.
          o The problem that beep sound was out when opening folders
            which were sorted in descending order was fixed (with GTK+
            2.12 or later).
          o The address completion was modified.
          o Win32: The problem that GnuPG was not detected correctly
            was fixed, and Sylpheed can also detect gpg.exe put in
            Sylpheed folder now.
          o Win32: multiple reference to a folder with different letter
            case is prohibited when creating a new one.
          o Some other bugs were fixed.

    * Others
          o Included Sylpheed FAQ (English) was updated.
          o The Japanese manual was updated.
          o The message catalogs were updated.
          o The folder icons were renewed.
          o Win32: 48x48(32bpp) icon was added.
          o Win32: OpenSSL was updated to 0.9.8l.
          o Win32: GPGME library was updated to 1.1.8.
          o Win32: requestedExecutionLevel attribute was added to the
            manifest of the installer executable.
          o The configure option '--disable-updatecheck' which disables
            the update check feature was added.
          o The configure option '--enable-silent-rules' is enabled if
            automake is equal or greater than 1.11.

Changes from 3.0rc

    * The message catalogs were updated.
    * The bug that caused freeze when sending or receiving messages
      with STARTTLS and 'SSL certificate verify failed' dialog popped

Hiroyuki Yamamoto <hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp>
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