[sylpheed:33671] "Message contains invalid header"

Per Danielsson pd at sics.se
Fri Feb 19 01:20:24 JST 2010

Hi everyone,

When I ask Sylpheed to move a message from a local mail folder to an
IMAP folder I get the following in the log window:

[17:13:42] IMAP4< + go ahead
[17:13:42] IMAP4> (sending file...)
[17:12:20] IMAP4< 39810 NO Message contains invalid header

and the message will not be moved. 

Is there a way to find out which header is causing the problem? I
suspect this is not a Sylpheed problem, but rather the IMAP server
being picky about what headers to accept.

Per Danielsson                          pd at sics.se
Swedish Institute of Computer Science, PO Box 1263, SE-164 29 KISTA, SWEDEN
N59.24.20, E17.56.53                    "Why not? Yeah."

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