[sylpheed:33628] Re: Proxy and IMAP(s)

Frank Lanitz frank at frank.uvena.de
Tue Feb 9 18:30:17 JST 2010

Frank Lanitz wrote:
> Hi list, 
> I need to reactivate an old topic that has been discussed before on
> this list but wasn't able to find any solution or at least a hint like
> "this will never being happen" ;) 
> As maybe already clear by the subject, goal is to connect to an
> IMAPS-server using a proxy. In this case a proxy running lokal
> accessing the TOR-network. 

A solution for using Sylpheed using TOR could be torify. when running
sypheed like this:
$ torify sylpheed
all connections done by Sylpheed will be tunneled through the TOR
network (of course, if TOR is set up correct).


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