[sylpheed:34182] Loosing sent messages

Manfred Usselmann usselmann.m at icg-online.de
Tue Aug 17 17:57:04 JST 2010


with Sylpheed 3.1.0.b2 it sometimes happens that the sent message can't
be written to the sent mail folder and I don't have a copy of my own
message I have just written.

This occurs when the automatic message retrieval is running when I press
the send button. Since the main window is in the background in this
case, it is difficult to notice and therefore hard to avoid. In
addition the error message has no retry function, but blocks the
message window so that I can't even copy and paste the message text.
The only option I have is to ask one of the recipients to send me a


Manfred Usselmann <usselmann.m at icg-online.de>
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