[sylpheed:34180] whislist: "reset check mail timer" option

richard lucassen mailinglists at lucassen.org
Tue Aug 10 18:59:46 JST 2010

Hello Hiroyuki and the list,

I have something for the wishlist:

An option to reset the "check mail timer" as long as I'm actively
working with Sylpheed. This means that the "check mail timer" is only
working when Sylpheed is in idle mode.

Reason: I have a very large IMAP folder structure and it takes,
depending on the bandwidth I have at that particular moment, from a few
seconds to more than a minute to check for new messages. When Sylpheed
is checking for mail automagically, there are two annoying things:

- I am not able to access the mail: "message can't be displayed"

- When pressing "send" I get a "can't save message to outbox" error

Reseting the timer would be a valuable option. The default can be set
to "off" IMHO. What I do now is switch off the "check automatically"
when I'm on a slow network.

Another valuable option would be a "stop" button, to stop checking
mail. Now I can't stop Sylpheed from checking mail, I have to wait for
a timeout (e.g. when the mobile network is disconnected, slow or changes


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