[sylpheed:33182] BUG: Incorrect RFC 2047 encoding and decoding: encoded-words not treated as atoms within headers

Frank Elsner frank.elsner at tu-berlin.de
Wed Sep 9 18:13:49 JST 2009


Sylpheed does not handle RFC 2047 encoding and decoding correctly.

When an email contains a "From:" line encoded with RFC 2047 which contains
characters which should, per RFC (2)822, be quoted (because it contains commas
(",") or similar characters), sylpheed doesn't decode it properly and thinks
these are two addresses.

This causes problems with MUAs which correctly encode or decode "From:" lines.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Send an email from Outlook Express (6.x?) with a name which contains accents
                                                               and a comma.
2. Receive it using sylpheed.
3. Try to reply.

Actual Results:  
               sylpheed thinks the "From:" lines contained two email addresses.

Expected Results:  
                  It should have considered it to be one email address.

Kind regards, Frank Elsner

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