[sylpheed:33169] bugs in version 2.7

pavol at klacansky.com pavol at klacansky.com
Fri Sep 4 03:57:50 JST 2009

Hallo, I'm wondered of that program. It's lightweight and amazing. 

But, I have some problems:

1. Sylpheed downloads IMAP4 Inbox (only it, not Trash or the other folder)
all the times (not changes)

2. Program crashes if I want write a message

sylpheed --debug 1> sylpheed.dbg 2> sylpheed.dbg
-------------- next part --------------
Gtk-Message: (for origin information, set GTK_DEBUG): failed to retrieve property `GtkOptionMenu::indicator-size' of type `GtkRequisition' from rc file value "0" of type `glong'
Gtk-Message: (for origin information, set GTK_DEBUG): failed to retrieve property `GtkOptionMenu::indicator-spacing' of type `GtkBorder' from rc file value "0" of type `glong'
     Version: 2.0.12
GpgME Protocol: (null)
      Version: 2.0.12
GpgME Protocol: Assuan
      Version: 1.0
Vytváram hlavné okno...
Vytváram náhľad pre priečinok...
Vytváram zoznam správy...
Vytváram zobrazenie správy...
Vytváram náhľad hlavičky...
Vytváram zobrazenie textu...
Vytváram zobrazenie MIME...
Vytváram zobrazenie textu...
Vytváram náhľad obrázku...
Creating log window...
Setting main window widgets...
prefs_summary_column_get_config(): getting normal folder setting
summary_set_column_order: pos 0 : type 0, vislble 1
summary_set_column_order: pos 1 : type 1, vislble 1
summary_set_column_order: pos 2 : type 2, vislble 1
summary_set_column_order: pos 3 : type 3, vislble 1
summary_set_column_order: pos 4 : type 4, vislble 1
summary_set_column_order: pos 5 : type 5, vislble 1
summary_set_column_order: pos 6 : type 6, vislble 1
summary_set_column_order: pos 7 : type 7, vislble 0
summary_set_column_order: pos 8 : type 8, vislble 0
Načítavam nastavenia pre všetky kontá...
Found label: Account: 1
current locale: sk_SK.utf8
Reading configuration...
Found [Account: 1]
Finished reading configuration.
Reading custom header configuration...
Nastavujem informácie o priečinku...
empty folder

Reading address index...
added timer = 72
loading plugins from directory: /usr/lib/sylpheed/plugins
failed to open directory: /usr/lib/sylpheed/plugins
update_check: getting latest version from http://sylpheed.sraoss.jp/version.txt
update_check: RELEASE=2.7.1
comparing 2.7.1. <> 2.7.1
update_check: DEVEL=2.7.1
Vytváram okno pre písanie správy...
addressbook_load_completion... done
start_address_completion ref count 1
template.c:123 reading templates dir /home/pk/.sylpheed-2.0/templates

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