[sylpheed:32905] Re: 2.6 and aspell

Michael Schwendt mschwendt at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 23:45:42 JST 2009

On Wed, 18 Mar 2009 10:32:38 -0400, Bruce wrote:

> I'm attempting (finally) to build 2.6 on my F9 system.

Don't reinvent the wheel. ;) Simply check out the Fedora 11 "sylpheed"
from package cvs and rebuild it for F9. Or fetch the src.rpm from the
Fedora build system ( http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji ).

> -lgpgme ../libsylph/.libs/libsylph.a -L/usr/kerberos/lib -lnsl -lcompface
> -lssl -lcrypto -lz -lgtkspell -lgtk-x11-2.0 -lgdk-x11-2.0 -latk-1.0
> -lgdk_pixbuf-2.0 -lpangocairo-1.0 -lpango-1.0 -lcairo -lgobject-2.0
> -lgmodule-2.0 -ldl -lglib-2.0 compose.o: In function
> `compose_set_spell_lang_menu': 
> /home/bcb/software/sylpheed-2.6.0/src/compose.c:5779:
>     undefined reference to `new_aspell_config' 

You need to install "enchant-devel".

Alternatively, if it isn't installed, you need to patch Sylpheed to link
with libaspell (-laspell). Previously, the gtkspell pkg-config file has
done that automatically.

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