[sylpheed:33068] Re: Sylpheed 2.7.0 released

Ricardo Mones mones at debian.org
Tue Jul 21 20:31:42 JST 2009

El Tue, 21 Jul 2009 19:02:19 +0900
Hiroyuki Yamamoto <yamamoto at sraoss.co.jp> escribió:
>     * The update check feature was implemented (requires curl command,
>       included in Windows installer).

  Is this configurable and/or can be disabled? 

  Is not fun for users of stable or testing releases (0) to be nagged
  with a "new version" announce every time they run sylpheed...


(0) Thinking of Debian, but I think this applies to any Linux
distribution out there which makes read-only media images.
 Ricardo Mones
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