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Tue Jul 21 19:32:39 JST 2009

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Pada Tue, 21 Jul 2009 19:02:19 +0900, Hiroyuki Yamamoto
<yamamoto at sraoss.co.jp> menulis email dengan judul ([sylpheed:33063]
Sylpheed 2.7.0 released):

> Hello,
> The stable version Sylpheed 2.7.0 (2.7.0-win32) has been released.
> http://sylpheed.sraoss.jp/en/news.html
> http://sylpheed.sraoss.jp/en/download.html
> 2.7.0 includes experimental implementation of plug-in system, update
> check feature, reliability improvement, improvements of Windows
> installer, and bugfixes.
> Changes from 2.6.0:
>     * The plug-in system was implemented (still experimental. See
>       PLUGIN.txt for detail).
>     * LibSylph (internal version) is built as shared library now.
>     * The update check feature was implemented (requires curl command,
>       included in Windows installer).
>     * fsync() will be called after writing configuration files.
>     * 'Send queued messages' is shown instead of 'Mark all read' in
> the context menu of the Queue folder.
>     * The default command line options of spam filters were modified.
>     * Win32: Hard link will be used to improve file I/O performance if
>       available.
>     * Win32: bsfilter is included in the installer now. If you have
>       installed bsfilter at another location, please note that the
>       location of database files might change.
>     * Win32: Install/uninstall will be aborted if Sylpheed is running.
>     * Win32: The registration of Start menu will be applied to all
>       users.
>     * Win32: The installer cannot launch Sylpheed anymore when install
>       finishes (for Vista).
>     * A crash bug on CSV import of the address book was fixed.
>     * Several other bugfixes were made.
> -- 
> Hiroyuki Yamamoto <yamamoto at sraoss.co.jp>

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