[sylpheed:33064] wish: printing from create message window

Ervin Peters ervin.peters at ervnet.de
Tue Jul 21 19:30:33 JST 2009


when opening a message in sent folder it es opened in the create window.

I need sometimes to print out my sent messages so I'd like to have a
possibility to print there.

Another thing: For printing on my gentoo box I invoke a little
perlscript, which does the mail formatting via an TeX template and
pdflatex. But Sylpheed transfers only the message body, not the
currently viewed message part to the script.

Would it be possible either to choose which parts are to print or to
transfer tmpfilenames from the decoded parts to the script:

$ printmail msgbody mimetype1 msgpart1tmpfile mimetype2
msgpart2tmpfile ...


Ervin Peters
D-99425 Weimar

+49 172 2043926
+49 3643 805745

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