[sylpheed:33051] [BUG] Reply To All can miss some recipient.

Antonio Ospite ospite at studenti.unina.it
Thu Jul 16 23:19:34 JST 2009


if I configure a To: field in the Compose tab of Folder
Properties, and I enable "use also on reply", then the configured
address _replaces_ the original sender of the mail even when I try to
"Reply To All".

I know this could be the intended behavior of the To: field in the
Compose tab to _override_ the sender anyway, but the label "Reply to
ALL" becomes then misleading, because actually not ALL involved in
previous communications will get a reply.

The most naive way to do that should be to _add_ the folder Compose
headers to the mail-specific headers, and not replace them.

Please let me know if I didn't expose the problem clearly enough.

   Antonio Ospite

Antonio Ospite

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