[sylpheed:33031] Re: Followup-To: poster is ignored when replying to Usenet postings

Joerg Wunsch j at uriah.heep.sax.de
Sat Jul 11 08:07:59 JST 2009

As rhubbell wrote:

> > My intention was merely to get a behaviour that I've found in Knews:
> > if the article has a followup-to: poster header, but the user misses
> > to spot this and tries a normal followup (which would be intended to
> > go into the newsgroup), then the program changes the settings to send
> > an email to the poster instead, and pops up a box informing the user
> > about that.

> I've seen the author accept good patches in the past.

I'll try doing my best.

Just wondering, is there any kind of patch tracker to feed that kind
of suggested patches into, or am I supposed to just post it here in
the mailinglist?

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