[sylpheed:32816] a bug that I cannot get rid of it

Cristian Secară orice at secarica.ro
Sun Jan 4 21:16:28 JST 2009

I have an email folder (a subfolder to an Inbox) where from time to time
all the messages disappear, I mean they disappear from summary view
(not physical).
If I delete the .sylpheed_mark file, all messages appear again, but as
soon as I "mark all as read" they disappear again.

The invisibility is not instant, it happens when I first go to another
folder and then turn back to this one, where I find an empty folder.

While in invisible state, if I receive a new message, that message is
displayed, but only until I read it (i.e. when it becomes "normal").

After deleting the .sylpheed_mark file all messages are in unread
satus; if I read a message (say, only one), if I go to another folder
and then return to this one, that message is no longer there

This only happens to one or two folders here. A few months ago it
happened and then disappeared by itself, now I cannot get rid of it.
It /may/ be related to some Unicode characters in the subject of some
message(s) (that folder happen to contain such messages), but I cannot
find a clear connection.

POP3 account, Win32.
I checked the drive status (chkdsk), but was of no importance.



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