[sylpheed:32811] Feature requests

Per Danielsson pd at sics.se
Sat Jan 3 18:33:05 JST 2009


I have two feature requests.

1. The popup window with the title "Select folder" that is shown when
    you move or copy a message to another folder should keep its size
    and position after a restart of Sylpheed. I have lots of folders,
    so I like the window to be as large (i.e. tall) as possible. That
    way I don't have to scroll so much.
    Since the main window of Sylpheed keeps its size and position after
    a restart of the program, I assume it is possible to do the same for
    the "Select folder" window.

2. The popup window mentioned above would not be needed (unless the
    user so wishes) if there was some way of using the folder list pane
    to the left in the main window for moving and copying operations. I
    suggest a meny item in the popup meny that shows when you right
    click on a folder, with the text "move to here" or something similar.

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