[sylpheed:32809] get_uri_part() problem

Doruk Fisek dfisek at fisek.com.tr
Fri Jan 2 00:11:46 JST 2009


 I'm experiencing two problems with the url recognition of Sylpheed in

 1) Links that have () characters are cutoff early and therefore links
aren't correctly given. For example :


 2) Non-ascii 7-bit characters are/can be used in domains and urls
today. The most common use is in wikis, where the url name is also the
title of the page. Sylpheed doesn't recognize them as valid url
characters. For example :


 There's a function in textview.c that finds the end of the url :

 if (!g_ascii_isgraph(*ep_) ||
     !isascii(*(const guchar *)ep_) ||
     strchr("()<>{}[]\"", *ep_))

 I think that the () and non-ascii 7-bit characters should be removed
from the if (thus legalizing them as url chars) so that these type of
urls can be recognized correctly.


FISEK INSTITUTE - http://www.fisek.org.tr

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