[sylpheed:33459] Re: Automatic address-completion using Adress book.

v_2e at ukr.net v_2e at ukr.net
Wed Dec 30 06:41:37 JST 2009

Thank all of you for such helpful hint about <TAB> button! :)

  I have also some suggestions on how to make this function more

> * If no match is found, then the cursor moves to the next field.  It
> would seem to make more sense to leave it where it is to allow the user
> to manually enter an address
  I completely agree with this opinion. If there is no matching name or
address in my Address book it is natural to let me type the
e-mail by myself. 

> * Sylph seems to only match against the first characters of the
> "Display Name", so if I've stored someone as "Mr. John Smith", I can
> only autocomplete by typing "Mr ...", not the somewhat more logical
> "Joh ...", which is especially frustrating when I don't remember
> whether I've stored a name using some prefix or not
  This is also a great idea I believe. Sylpheed should seek among the
name, surname, address and maybe even inside words.
  Still it seems to me, that the actual completion scheme should be as
- I begin to type some name or address in some field;
- Sylpheed should immediately show me a list of matching items from
address book while leting me to continue typing or to pick one from a
- For example, I decide to continue typing;
- For every new letter typed by me, Sylpheed should shorten the list to
the one of matching items INCLUDING the last typed letter;
- Following such a manner, Sylpheed should shorten the list as long as
I type the letters. 

  Such behavior seems very convenient to me because it solves 3
problems at a time: 
1. It lets user to pick up an item from a list.
2. It lets user to type in some NEW address which is not yet in the
3. The user doesn't need to press <TAB> when he (she) wants to
auto-complete the address, instead he (or she) will press <TAB> really
willing to pass to the next field. 
In such case there will not be any ambiguities in understanding the
meaning of user's <TAB> pressing by Sylpheed, I believe.  In such case
pressing <TAB> will always mean the same thing - to pass to another
field  regardless on whether Sylpheed can find the necessary address in
Address book or not.

  Moreover, if some users don't like such automatic showing of there
Address Book, this feature could be optional. I think it would be just
perfect. What do you think?


 <v_2e at ukr.net>

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