[sylpheed:33403] Sylpheed data porting (Win/Linux) and portability

Marco Bresciani marcobresciani_1974 at libero.it
Sat Dec 12 22:31:18 JST 2009

Hello all and はじめまして,
   I've just updated my email client from Thunderbird 2 to version 3 and I 
really dislike it! :-) Since version 2 will be, sooner or later, dismissed, 
I'm searching for a new email client. Some Japanese friends spoke me about 
Sylpheed so... I'm here.

I've just downloaded the "zip" version of Sylpheed and briefly running it on 
Windows... and I like it very much. :-) すごくておもしろいプログラムです。

I have a couple of questions:

1. I saw that, in Vista, my email accounts data are placed in


is it correct? If so, since I have the no-install version of Sylpheed, is it 
possible to place those data inside the Sylpheed directory itself so that I 
can move my next favourite email client ;-) on a USB key and use it from 
there? I've read these instructions (http://www.pendriveapps.com/sylpheed/); 
are they enough?

2. Suppose I'm moving to GNU/Linux (probably Ubuntu) or OpenSolaris. How can I 
port my configuration to the Linux Sylpheed?

Thanks very much... hope I'll become a Sylphs as well :D


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