[sylpheed:33378] reversed button order ?

Cristian Secară orice at secarica.ro
Thu Dec 3 19:06:13 JST 2009

On this dialog (see attachment) I always considered that the "Cancel"
and "Close without saving" buttons are in reverse position.

I mean, here in Sylpheed is
Save -- Cancel -- Close without saving
whereas in other applications with similar dialog wording (OpenOffice,
GIMP) this is
Save -- Close without saving -- Cancel

Also in most applications I am using (on Windows :) this type of dialog
is always Yes -- No -- Cancel

When on Sylpheed, every time I come to this dialog, I have to stop and
think "wait, this is Sylpheed, here is otherwise, what should I do here
exactly ?"

Am I the only one ?
Or perhaps the actual order reflect some habits on Japan software ? :)


Cristian Secară
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