[sylpheed:33376] New install of Claws creates strange folder

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Tue Dec 1 08:45:29 JST 2009

Being unable to get Sylpheed to launch on my new installation of OpenSuse 11.1,
I installed Claws Mail 3.7.3 instead. Everything is OK, except for something
very odd. There is now a folder in my Desktop folder called Gnome. Inside are
127 .png files that look like Claws Mail buttons and icons. There is also a text
file named claws-themeinfo.

Why on earth in my Desktop folder?

After some head scratching I shut down Claws Mail, renamed the folder, then
restarted Claws Mail. Everything looks the same.

I guess it's not important, but I'm curious.

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