[sylpheed:32618] Re: Change name of Mail folder?

John Coppens john at jcoppens.com
Sat Sep 6 12:46:49 JST 2008

On Fri, 5 Sep 2008 21:19:35 -0600
Bob White <bob at bob-white.com> wrote:

> Sorry for answering my own post, but the folder definitions are in
> folderlist.xml.  For a system that is already set up, find the folder
> definition for Mail.  Change Mail to .Mail (and rename the actual folder
> Mail to .Mail too).  Be sure Sylpheed isn't running when you make the
> changes as it put everything back when you exit.  You are sure to think
> everything is gone, but it's in .Mail and the xml is back to Mail.

Great Bob!

I've checked that on my system, and I'll change it for him when I can.
He's 20 miles away, and over the 'net it's quite complicated and not
too reliable (there are windows machines in the way).

In fact, I'll probably change it here too - I dislike those folders 
which I normally don't access manually, occupying space on each 'ls'.

Again, thanks!

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