[sylpheed:32356] Uh oh, problems in paradise, all my messages are now marked as new unread

John Shane jslists at mtwafrica.org
Sat May 24 04:15:03 JST 2008

I just recompiled 2.5.0rc with Onur Küçük's icon patch on an
Xubuntu Feisty system.  That fixed my previous system tray 
problem but when I restarted Sylpheed I found ALL my mail marked as
new-unread.  Anyone else have such a problem with 2.5.0rc with or
without the patch (which I don't expect how would have anything to do
with marking messages).

There is one other variable though.  I have also been using Claws
Mail with the same mail folders while sorting out the Sylpheed system
tray problem. I had just used Claws 3.4 before recompiling and
starting Sylpheed. But when I look at my mail with Claws the messages
are still marked correctly as they have been all along.

Is there a way to revert to my previous message markings in
Sylpheed without going back through them all, which would be
impossible at this stage?  If Claws still has the right markings can
I use one of its files to restore my Sylpheed mail markings?

Thanks for any help on this.  John

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