[sylpheed:32330] Sylpheed and PyPanel compatibility problem

John Shane jslists at mtwafrica.org
Wed May 21 05:16:40 JST 2008

I am trying to use Sylpheed 2.4.8 with PyPanel 2.4 and Pekwm on an
older/slow laptop but as soon as I start Sylpheed the panel begins to
flicker and and "shake" and continues to do so until I stop
Sylpheed.  PyPanel does not have this reaction to other programs
including Claws (which I'm using until I can find a solution to the
PyPanel problem).  So far I've not been able to find a solution, only
someone else reporting the same condition.  Can anyone on the list
point me to a way around this problem?  I'd really rather use
Sylpheed than Claws.  Thanks, John

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