[sylpheed:32316] Unmark request and filter bug

Rich Coe Richard.Coe at med.ge.com
Fri May 16 01:21:58 JST 2008

I have a request and a bug to report.
sylpheed 2.5.0 beta 3

When you right click on a Message in the Message summary box, it brings up
a menu with lots of actions, Reply, Reply to, etc.  The first four of these
can be selected as fast buttons in the tool bar installed in the top.  
The tool I use the most is 'unmark' because I've gone in and marked 
something to be deleted and I want to undelete it.  Ideally, I would 
like 'unmark' to be at the top of the list just because I use it so much.

I noticed a bug.  If you select 'Create a filter rule' from the tools menu,
and add a second rule to the match list, the second time you create a filter
rule, it remembers what you selected the last time you added a second filter
rule, but it doesn't fill in the field with the data from the message.
If you go and choose a different tag, and then pick the original field, it
will fill in the value.

Rich Coe		richard.coe at med.ge.com
Virtual Principle Engineer  General Electric Healthcare Technologies
Global Software Platforms, Computer Technology Team

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