[sylpheed:32312] Re: please help with regexps

Sergey Sarbash sergei at union.bancorp.ru
Tue May 13 14:53:31 JST 2008

On Thu, 8 May 2008 13:52:43 +0200
Stephan Hachinger <sharcor at gmx.de> wrote:

> perhaps some mailing list with many regexp experts is the right place
> for you, but I have the following suggestions as for manuals where
> regexps are mentioned:

Thank you for the answer. But, my questions were about regexps as
applied to Sylpheed filtering system. I well know about regexps in
themselves but I would know how do they work in Sylpheed? My attempt to
make some filter was failed... Note, I've tried to indicate to Sylpheed
to make no sense about char case in my pattern but can't imagine how to
point it to that... Global flags like "(?il)" don't work! Draw attention
- it works only with English chars not russian chars. Do you understand
me? Does anyone know how regexps work in Sylpheed? Do what are
limitations? Heeelp, please...

Best regards,
Sergey Sarbash <sergei at union.bancorp.ru>

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