[sylpheed:32149] Re: Sylpheed and GnuPG on WinXP

Christoph Brendes C.Brendes at gmx.net
Fri Mar 14 17:30:55 JST 2008

> Hmmmm......This is odd. I run winxp and GnuPG (latest version) and have
> for years. Never had any problems. At what point do you get the
> messages? Upon installation? Or upon trying to send an email from
> sylpheed?

I get the message when I start Sylpheed (in the configuration I marked the checkbox to warn me if GPG didn't work). It seems that Sylpheed didn't find GnuPG but from commandline it works.

Do you know where Sylpheed looks for an installed GnuPG?

C. Brendes

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