[sylpheed:32145] Re: PGP Sign & Encrypt flags missing in drafts

Eike Nicklas lists at ephys.de
Fri Mar 14 15:21:57 JST 2008

Hi all,

On Thu, 13 Mar 2008 08:42:03 +0100 Enrico Tröger wrote:

> when I'm writing a mail and e.g. check the PGP Encrypt checkbox, save
> the mail as draft and edit it again later, the PGP Encrypt checkbox
> isn't checked.
> Same for PGP Sign.
> IMO their state should be saved in the draft.
Also: Changing the "from" account when composing a message from an
account that pgp-signes by default to one that doesn't, the pgp-sign
checkbox is not unchecked automatically. The other way it works, i.e.
changing from a no-pgp-sign to a pgp-sign account does check the
pgp-sign checkbox.

Have not checked this for pgp-encrypt, but I assume the same behaviour



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