[sylpheed:32469] Re: Toggle Summary View

Axel Palm axelpalm at mail.ee
Fri Jun 27 14:28:46 JST 2008

Aric Gregson <aorchid at mac.com> wrote:

> On Thu, 26 Jun 2008 18:23:16 +0300
> Axel Palm <axelpalm at mail.ee> wrote:
> > You can use View-->Separate message view.
> OK. That's not ideal, but it is a possible way to work this, as
> hitting 'v' opens the message in it's own window. 
> I have yet to figure out how the message can be closed without using
> the mouse. Ctrl-w does nothing.
> thanks, aric

The 'v' is for _toggle_ message view. You open a message and you close
a message with 'v'.


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