[sylpheed:32383] Junk filter problem

John Coppens john at jcoppens.com
Tue Jun 3 05:57:51 JST 2008

Hello people.

Today I started having problems with Sylpheed... A dialog pops up with a
text like: "Execution of the junk filter command failed". In the log I

** LibSylph-WARNING: filter_match_rule() returned error (code: 2)
** LibSylph-WARNING: [17:39:30] Error occurred while processing mail.

I'm suspecting that the problem is with bogofilter (just in case, I
updated it). It occurs only in one account, and I get most of my mail in
other accounts (which also pass through bogofilter, but without problems).

I disabled junk mail control while I downloaded the message (arrived ok).

So I (again) suspect the problem is with this particular message. As this
could indicate some kind of bug. At first sight the message looks ok
(about 350 kB, with a couple of (binary) attachments. Is someone
interested in testing this out?


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