[sylpheed:32044] Re: Feature request: address field autocomplete

herbert langhans herbert.raimund at gmx.net
Mon Jan 21 03:05:26 JST 2008

Hi Hiroyuki and Team,
this is what I noticed also for a long time. Since years I cannot find the smallest imperfection in Sylpheed. Compact code, very fast and virtually bug-free (the appearance for daily use).

But the address book is very basic. It were great if I could move addresses between folders, add http's to the contacts and maybe even save jpgs to the addresses. A kind of pulldown menu in the compose window were really a great option. Or even a defined interface to fork off a separate addressbook project? Especially business-oriented users would really go for this.

I am sure there is a couple ideas more, just some thoughts..


On Sun, 20 Jan 2008 17:34:11 +0100
Gianmarco Giovannelli <misc at gimbo.org> wrote:

> Hi all,
> this is my first message and I begin with a wish ...
> I like using sylpheed very much. I think it is a great MUA but it lacks a very simple thing that now almost all others email programs have: the autocomplete on the TO field . I don't mean the autocomplete matching on the entries of the addressing book but I mean the one based on harvesting of the addresses found on the emails of the folder(s).
> When a new sylpheed come out I always go in the release note and in the to do list trying to see if there is something about this but I never find anything and so I decide to write asking for some info about this feature and if there is any plan to implement.
> Thanks very much for your attention.
> -- 
> Gianmarco Giovannelli <misc at gimbo.org>

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