[sylpheed:32041] Re: Feature Request: rfc2177 IMAP-IDLE

Oliver Meißner-Knippschild lists.o at la-familia-grande.de
Sun Jan 20 23:56:08 JST 2008

Henryk Plötz wrote on Sun, 20 Jan 2008 14:27:16 +0100:
>It's not so much about noticing new email (that's what gnome
>mail-notification is for; oh and yes, I too have a tail
>-f .procmail/log /var/log/messages running all the time) but about
>accessing that mail once you know it's there: 
With imap idle this workaround would not be necessary anymore.

>When the mail arrived in a different folder from the one that is
>currently selected, everything is fine. You just select the new folder
>in Sylpheed and the mail will be there. 
>But if the mail was sorted into the same folder that is currently
>selected you won't see it right away. You need to select a different
>folder first, and then go back to the original folder for Sylpheed to
>notice the mail. That's rather bothersome.
Yes, that is bothersome. And it is more bothersome when Sylpheed has to
check about 900 imap folders for new mail. And it is even more
bothersome that sylpheed does not check for new mail in another thread,
so when you compose a mail and sylpheed begins auto-checking for new
mail you can't type in the composition-window anymore.

So I can imagine that sylpheed checks all the imap folders at startup
and from then it uses the imap idle feature as described in rfc2177
... then all the hard work setting up an imap server was not useless
and everything is fine ;o)

Best regards,
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