[sylpheed:32023] Delete on server?

Kevin Horton khorton01 at rogers.com
Mon Jan 14 10:39:07 JST 2008

I am hoping to find a way to delete mail messages on a POP server  
when I delete them from Sylpheed.  During the day, I will read  
messages from several different computers.  I will delete the  
messages that are no longer relevant, and I have my other clients set  
up to delete these messages from the server, so I don't get them  
again when I check e-mail using a different computer.  If I am at  
work, I use connect via ssh to an sylpheed instance on my home  
computer.  That works very well, except I cannot delete messages on  
the server.

When this question has come up in the past, the responses have  
typically been:

1. Your problem is better suited to IMAP than POP.  Switch to IMAP.

2. The UNIX way is to have small tools, with each tool designed to do  
a simple task.  Sylpheed is a mail reader, not a mail deleter.  Use a  
different tool.

IMAP is not a good option for me, as the only ISP that offers high  
speed internet in my area does not offer IMAP.  And, I travel a lot,  
and need to be able to quickly download messages to my laptop, then  
disconnect from the net, read and reply to messages, then connect and  
send my replies.

So, in the spirit of UNIX, which other tools could I use to delete  
messages on the POP server when I delete them from Sylpheed?  I  
assume that this must be possible, otherwise this suggestion would  
not be the standard response to this feature request.

Or, is there another e-mail reader that works as nicely and quickly  
as Sylpheed, but also knows how to delete messages from a POP server  
upon command?  I have tried Evolution, but its GUI responds very  
slowly when used over the slow ssh connection from work to home.

Kevin Horton
Ottawa, Canada

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