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Oliver Meißner-Knippschild lists.o at la-familia-grande.de
Wed Feb 6 23:18:00 JST 2008

Manfred Usselmann wrote on Wed, 6 Feb 2008 00:03:03 +0100:
>I think a simple script which copies the mails to the 'new' subdirs of
>the corresponding IMAP directory should work.
but beware the dovecot internal filenames. Dovecot saves many meta-data
about the mails in the filename (like courier does, too).

I think it's much better that dovecot handles it's Maildir by itself.
So give all the mails to dovecot's delivery agent by the same way a
mailserver would do. In my opinion it's the only way to keep the
Maildir-structure consistent.
Maybe dovecot brings anything whisch reads mail from files or stdin, so
you can transport all your mail via script.

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