[sylpheed:32805] Re: IMAO - do not display all folders

stef stef_204 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 29 08:24:18 JST 2008

Those folders just will not delete from the server; and shouldn't be deleted in any event; they are I believe important for pop3--if one ever wanted to switch back in a smooth transition from last pop3 time period--flags, etc.
Not sure what you mean re. using another client--that's not really relevant I believe.

--- On Wed, 12/24/08, Evgeni Golov <sargentd at die-welt.net> wrote:

> From: Evgeni Golov <sargentd at die-welt.net>
> Subject: [sylpheed:32802] Re: IMAO - do not display all folders
> To: sylpheed at sraoss.jp
> Date: Wednesday, December 24, 2008, 1:56 PM
> On Wed, 24 Dec 2008 08:19:17 -0800 (PST) stef wrote:
> > For example, since I used to use POP3 (quite some time
> ago, there are folders such as /cpop and /cpop/cache/msgs,
> etc. that show up which clutter the view, as well as any
> other folder one might use for archiving, etc.
> Well, for the folders that are really crap, you should be
> safe to
> delete them :)
> For all others: either patch Sylpheed to use LSUB instead
> of LIST and
> subscribe with another client only to the relevant folders,
> or (better)
> hope Hiro will implement that :)
> Regards


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