[sylpheed:32774] Re: Request for 2.6 releae on W32

Cristian Secară orice at secarica.ro
Thu Dec 4 18:08:16 JST 2008

On Thu, 4 Dec 2008 09:51:26 +0100, Frank Lanitz wrote:

> I'm not sure whether this is possible, but it would great if also the
> spellchecking feature would be included to Windows build as e.g.
> Pidgin is doing this with its Windows installers. 

If the implementation will be the same as that one for current Pidgin
builds, that will be useful only for some users, i.e. only for those
languages fully covered by 8 bit encodings. Because the aspell provided
with Pidgin is not Unicode, for me (Romanian) it is useless, for

I mean *yes*, this is a feature I am looking forward for it too, but
from my point of view only if it will be Unicode (like the ones from
Firefox or OOo, for example).


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