[sylpheed:32763] two issues, somewhat cosmetic related

Cristian Secară orice at secarica.ro
Mon Dec 1 18:18:40 JST 2008

1. By clicking File -> Export to mbox file... a dialog box comes up,
which includes these stings:
 Specify target folder and mbox file.
 Source dir:
 Exporting file:

The first string should't be something like Specify *source* folder and
etc. ? (i.e. source, not target)

2. Perhaps a GTK+ issue: on the main toolbar, click on the arrow near
the Reply button (or Forward); a further menu scrolls down related to
that button; without doing nothing to this one, move the mouse cursor
horizontally to other menu positions; no other button gets selected
anymore and the expanded Reply menu remains scrolled down.

Win32 here (2.6.0rc, but these issues are not tied to this particular


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